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Aging is part of being human while there are some who naturally possess natural body features that they would like to get rid of completely or improve slightly. The solution many resort to in such cases is plastic surgery. There are other very many reasons why people opt for plastic surgery. There are reconstructive and cosmetic reasons.

1.Accidents can leave people scarred or deformed. Car wrecks, workplace mishaps, lab experiments gone wrong, falling, animal bites, burns, sports, etc. can wreak havoc on the body and sometimes both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery is necessary.

2.Birth defects and birthmarks such as cleft lips, ear deformities and skeletal deformities can cause severe physical and emotional handicaps. Reconstructive surgery – often a series of surgeries done as the person grows – corrects birth defects and restores normal functioning and appearance.

3.Cancer. Reconstructive breast surgery is common among women who have undergone a mastectomy. Although the procedure is not necessary from a medical standpoint, it helps ease psychological trauma.

There are cases that cannot be avoided. There are those who seek beauty and youthfulness under a surgeon’s knife. There are questions to ask oneself before seeking plastic beauty.
From breast implants to nose jobs to liposuction, millions of people are opting for cosmetic surgery. Before you go under the knife, Dr. Phil suggests that you consider the following questions:

1.Do the positive possible medical advantages exceed the possible complications?

All medical procedures have the potential for serious complications. You should obtain more than one opinion — preferably three — about the advantages, concerns, recovery, etc.

2.Have you considered alternative approaches?

For many issues with surgical solutions, there are alternatives that are based on discipline and motivation. Have you tried all of the behavioral and alternative approaches available to you, like exercise and diet? If plastic surgery is just an easy way for you to avoid diet and exercise, think again. Also, if you are young, having surgery could be premature because you haven’t finished growing and developing.

3.Do you depend on external sources for your self-esteem?

If you are thinking about plastic surgery because of vanity, and you believe your self-esteem rests on the outcome of the surgery, you may not be a good candidate. Surgery might make you feel better for a period of time, but self-esteem has nothing to do with external beauty. You may have work to do in terms of defining your authentic self and learning to love who you are — regardless of your appearance.

Truth is different depending on the tongue that speaks it. If a person is strongly convinced that they need plastic surgery they also need to get their facts right. This is because there are certain truths that plastic surgeons do not tell. For example how and where did they train, how painful it could be and that at times things become uglier.

What to know before you and your wallet go under the knife

1. “I trained a whole weekend to learn this procedure.”

Dentists, gynecologists, barely trained spa technicians — it seems like everyone’s offering anti-aging treatments these days. And no wonder: Cosmetic treatments are a lucrative business, with $11 billion spent (on 14.6 million procedures) in the U.S. in 2012, up 5.5% from 2011, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. That’s appealing not only to physicians hoping to offset the costs of higher malpractice premiums and lower reimbursements from insurance carriers but also to so-called medical spas that don’t even have a doctor on site when certain treatments are administered.

2.“Discomfort? More like extreme pain and oozing.”


Before Kim Gregson, 49, had her tummy tuck and liposuction operation several years ago, her doctor told her she’d experience some “discomfort” after the surgery. The reality was some of the most intense pain she’d ever experienced, says Gregson, a human resources professional in Madison, Wis. While she couldn’t be happier with her results three years later, she still shudders at the memory of the recovery: Despite regular doses of two prescription painkillers and ibuprofen, “I was miserable,” she says. Blood oozed from the two temporary drainage pipes that hung from her hipbone-to-hipbone incision. After the worst of the pain subsided, the swelling began. Her doctor’s office said it would be “mild.” Instead, she had massive swelling that lasted for seven months. Forget about skinny jeans — she didn’t fit into her regular, pre-surgery pants for more than two months after surgery. Gregson had requested two weeks off work but ended up taking three and a half, returning swollen and sore nonetheless.

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Most of the people who are seen to go for cosmetic plastic surgery are actors, singers or even socialites. Keeping up with the Kardashians is dangerous because they too are in danger.

It’s a fairly popular opinion that Kylie Jenner has gone too far with the plastic surgery — but now a doctor has come forward and revealed that she may be doing serious damage to her health.

Dr. Tony Youn, who has not treated the 18-year-old, tells Radar Online her face appears to be ~enhanced~ with fillers — adding that the possible swelling may be a sign she should be hitting the breaks.

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